The Green Mountain Hero: Ethan Allen

June 1, 1778, 10:24 am
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I’m finally back as an American solider. It’s so great to be back!!!

On May 6 1778, the British finally got fed up with keeping me in jail (and of hearing me curse whenever I got killed in Age of Empires) and exchanged me for one of their officers. I left with a personal escort (Colonel Sheldon, a light horse officer) for Valley Forge, where George Washington himself greeted me. I immediately offered my services to the General, but Washington hesitated to accept it. A top Washington aide from New York, General Schuyler, disliked me for the New Hampshire Grants affair, and Benedict Arnold was back in favor with Washington. So while it was being debated I rode off to the newly formed Republic of Vermont, which was carved out of the New Hampshire Grants. And that began a whole new adventure, which I’ll be updating you on soon.