The Green Mountain Hero: Ethan Allen

Back in America
May 1, 1778, 10:12 am
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Well, I’m back in good ole’ North America. It wasn’t a great trip though. The reason I was being taken back was so that I could be exchanged for one of the numerous British officers captured by the Continental Army. I was put on board a ship with several other prisoners bound for America captained by a Captain Symonds. Our first stop was in Cork, Ireland, where we had to put in to avoid a storm. While there, the Irish gentlemen were very kind. After all, they disliked the British almost as much as we did. To show their disloyalty, the merchants of the town outfitted all of the prisoners with a full suit of clothes, whiskey, gin, wine, turkey, beef, and fifty gold guineas.

However, once we got out to sea that money was useless. When I went to the ship’s purser to buy much needed medicine for the prisoners, the captain forbade him to sell any to me. So for three months, we suffered all sorts of sickness and hunger. Finally, we put in at Cape Fear, North Carolina. The prisoners were transferred to a frigate captained by Captain Montague and headed to Halifax, Canada. Montague turned out to be even worse than Symonds. Soon, we encountered scurvy, starvation, and much more. Even once we arrived in Halifax, we were forced to stay on the ship. During the entire trip, our only medicine was one bottle of ascorbic acid and a package of strawberries sold to use by friendly natives. Finally, one of guards took pity on us and smuggled out a message to the governor of Halifx. He immediately ordered all the sick prisoners off the boat and into the hospital. But once we recovered, we were sent to the Halifax jail, which was barely habitable.

After a little bit of time in Halifax, we were put on a ship en route to New York. This time we met a very hospitable captain, a Captain Smith. He was extremely generous to us. He was so kind that when several Americans suggested to me that we overthrow Smith and capture the frigate, I told them that I would defend Smith and even warn him if the plan was carried out.

Once we arrived in New York, I was asked by a high ranking British officer if I would consider trading colors and becoming a British soldier. I would be introduced to several high ranking British officials including King George himself. I would then come back with an army and help to wipe out my countrymen. I would be rewarded for my treason with land in the Hampshire Grants and lots of gold guineas. I replied, “I view the offer of land to be similar to that which the devil offered Jesus Christ.” With that, the officer turned on his heel and left, calling me a bigot as he did so.

Meanwhile, there is talk that I might be released! Just a rumor I heard in Life, but you never know…


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