The Green Mountain Hero: Ethan Allen

Outside of Montreal
September 23, 1775, 11:46 am
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So much has happened since Ticonderoga! First of all, the Green Mountain Boys are officially soldiers in the New York State army (before, we were just a ragtag group of militia unrecognized by Congress). Second, I’m not the leader anymore :-(. The Boys voted for me as their leader, but the politicians didn’t agree with me and appointed my cousin Seth Warner as the head. Luckily, some general named Montgomery asked to have me attached to his staff. That way, I don’t have to just watch the American war for independence.

Montgomery recently launched an attack on the British strongholds in Canada, so as to gain the assistance of the Canadians in the pursuit of independence for all of North America. I was ordered to scout the area that we would attack with eighty Canadians and then report back. But on my way back to Montgomery, I met an old friend, Major John Brown. He had 200 men and suggested that our combined forces might be able to overcome Montreal, an important British stronghold. I agreed and that’s why I’m blogging within three miles of one of the biggest cities in Quebec.


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