The Green Mountain Hero: Ethan Allen

May 9, 1775, 11:17 am
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Stupid Norton Antivirus. ClamWin is so much better. Well, as I was saying, the New Yorkers and us Green Mountain Boys put aside our differences for a greater cause that started on April 19, 1775. Seventy-five militiamen under Captain John Parker were fired upon by 700 redcoats led by Major Pitcairn. Those were the shots that began the American War for Independence. I immediately began to think about capturing Fort Ticonderoga, the British fort that commanded Lake Champlain. If we captured Ticonderoga, Canada could be persuaded to join the United States. Additionally, there were only fifty redcoats occupying the base. So I invited the Connecticut militia to join the Green Mountain boys in taking the fort and off we went. However, we had no sooner started than some wannabe Colonel Benedict Arnold arrived with a commission, a horse, and a valet and announced that he was in command. I looked at the fellow and at his commission. Then I took him outside and explained it to the boys. I told them that the pay would be the same, the plan would be the same, but instead of their battle hardened leader they had come to admire and respect, they would get some twopence colonel with a fancy uniform. The boys stared at the colonel, stared at me, and decided that I was their man. Period.

This brings us up to the present. Right now, we’re in the middle of ferrying over the men onto Ticonderoga’s shore under the cover of darkness. If I’m still alive when the battle is over, I’ll tell you what happened.

Oh yeah, while Arnold was being his cockatoo self, I managed to snap a picture of him with my Canon Powershot. Here’s the photo:


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