The Green Mountain Hero: Ethan Allen

New Hampshire Grants
May 8, 1775, 9:56 am
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Geez, Windows computers are so bad. Why couldn’t Arnold just have gotten a MacBook? It would have solved all of his problems.

Back to my story. I first came to prominence in America during the dispute over the New Hampshire Grants. The New Hampshire Grants was an area of land claimed by (duh) New Hampshire. The problem? New York State also claimed this area due to vague land grants by the king of England to both New Hampshire and New York. New Hampshire began sending settlers into the region in 1749. However, in 1764, the New Yorkers obtained a royal judgment in their favor and began attempting to evict the New Hampshire settlers. The settlers refused. To make matters worse, when the king ordered New York to stop issuing land in the Grants in 1765, the New Yorkers ignored the decree and kept on giving out land.

So where do I come in? Well, at the time, I was living in the New Hampshire Grants. Many of the settlers in the region didn’t like the New Yorkers making us leave after we had just settled down. At first, we tried fighting them in the courts, but as the courts were controlled by New York, we had no chance. Left with no choice, in the summer of 1770 I began a New Hampshire Grants army known as The Green Mountain Boys. It was a motley group of about 300 untrained men who were all dead shots with a rifle. We made trouble for the New York settlers. At first, we only drove off small groups of settlers. Later, we attacked the whole town of Clarendon where we almost killed the justice of the peace. This riled up the Yorkers, who began making a determined attack to drive us off. But soon, we’d have to put our differences aside for a greater cause. For… but now Arnold is calling me. Something about “Norton Anti-Virus Requires Update”. BBL.


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