The Green Mountain Hero: Ethan Allen

My Early Years
May 7, 1775, 9:07 am
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“Get those men into those boats right now!!! Move it!” Whoops, didn’t realize that my speech recognition software was on. Let me introduce myself. My name is Colonel Ethan Allen and I am an American. I was born into a revolutionary family on January 10, 1737. My father was Joseph Allen, a prominent figure in the colony of Connecticut. My early childhood was spent being tutored by a Reverend Jonathan Lee, where I learned how to read and write. After my tenure with Reverend Lee was over, the plan was that I would apply to Yale College and get a religious degree. However, that plan was cut short by the death of my father, who left the family with a huge estate and no one to take care of it. Since I was the eldest child, I immediately dropped out of school to take care of the farm. Later, when some of my younger brothers were old enough to do this, I moved away, married, and started a family. And then… but I’m being called away. General Arnold’s Internet just died, and I need to go fix it.


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